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How to apply for a passport online

How can i apply for a passport online?

How to apply for a passport online

Passport services are important document to travelers those who intends to go any abroad.

Generally external affairs ministry divided passport services in to three categories:-

Categories of passports.

1. Diplomatic

2. Service/official

3. Regular

Diplomatic passport:

People who have diplomatic status are issued a diplomatic type, like the diplomat, consul and official as well as the head of state, governmental officials, delegation members of the Congress or government, who are intending to go abroad for national affairs or activities. Regarding to the international convention, the spouse and the children of the above personnel generally will also be issued the same type of passport.

Service/Official passport:

It is issued for government office-bearer of a country. Besides, all countries will issue this type to the staff who works for embassies or consulates abroad but have no diplomatic status, along with their spouse and the grown-up children.

Regular passport:

It will be issued to all other citizens. For different reasons (line of duty or private affair) for going abroad, the regular one may also have different types in different countries.

Period of Validity

A passport is not a permanent proof just it is a document with certain limited period.

Periods of validity issued by different countries is different and respectively is one, two, three and five-years, in some countries may be valid for ten years.

Frequently asked questions.

Effective Area

The effective area is one of important point. In some countries it imprinted the words like “this passport is effective toward XX (country name)” or “citizen who holds it is not allowed to go to X X (country name) and XX (area name)”.

What to do if it is lost

If you lose it, you should immediately report to the security authorities and relevant issuing office in your country, provide a detailed information of the time and the place of its loss and state the basic information (name, gender, date of birth, number and so on), 

Necessarily, you may have to go to your local newspaper to report the loss (your name and number should be published plainly).

If it is lost abroad, you should rapidly report to the local public security organs and complete the detailed and essential registration procedure, simultaneously you should go to your countries nearest embassy or consulate as soon as possible to complete the registration procedure of the loss report, and then apply for a reissue.


After you get a new one, firstly you should carefully see it. If there are some questionable points or errors, you should immediately report the related staff for the application of correction. If no questions or mistakes are discovered after your inspection, you can well bring it back and keep it well.

Links to apply for a passport.

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Link2:- Existing user login
Link3:- Appointment availability
Link4:- Application status check


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