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YSR zero interest to DWACRA women 2021

YSR zero interest to DWACRA women 2021

The YSR Zero Interest Scheme is an ambitious scheme launched by the State Government to strengthen self-help groups or DWCRAs. The scheme, which started with Pavala interest loans during the YSR regime, will later be implemented as a zero interest scheme. The state government will bear the interest on loans taken by the DWACRA communities in the state through this scheme. The State Government will deposit the amount of interest on the loans repaid on time in a year. The state government has paid interest to 1.02 crore DWACRA women this year.

Details about YSR zero interest scheme

NameFor the sake of DWACRA women zero interest scheme
Launched byHon’ble CM 2021
BeneficiariesDWACRA women and SHG group women
ObjectiveFinancial assistance
Official websiteNA

Main objective of the scheme

  • Providing financial assistance to the women in SHG’s
  • Providing financial security to savings societies that cannot pay interest on loans taken for subsistence.
  • The government bears all the unpaid interest of the savings societies

Budget for this scheme

  • The Finance Minister said that tackling COVID was a priority but welfare schemes were also very important. The government has allocated Rs 1,365.08 crore in the state budget for the YSR Zero Interest Loan Scheme to help women associated with self-help groups.


  • Through this scheme the women of the savings societies bear the entire interest burden on the loans taken from the bank by the government
  • Savings societies in rural and urban areas are credited directly to their association’s bank account via CFMS in a single installment.


  • The scheme is applicable only to associations which have not taken a maximum loan of Rs 5 lakh from banks
  • The scheme is applicable only to the savings societies which have repaid the installments on time from the date of taking the loan
  • Beneficiaries should be rural urban women DWACRA Group members


  • Communities that default on timely payment of installments are ineligible
  • Those who have borrowed more than Rs 5 lakh are ineligible

Required documents

  • Bank account book with Dwakra Group
  • Aadhaar card
  • Savings Society Register

Other information

  • Those who are eligible for the YSR Zero Interest Scheme but have not availed themselves should check in detail the list of eligible persons displayed by the concerned Village Ward Secretariat.
  • If the names are not registered in the list, your nearest village secretariat or volunteers can provide your details
  • If not, you need to call the toll free number 155251 and make a grievance.


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