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Crop Booking Details By Khata And Survey No

Crop Booking Details By Khata And Survey No

Revenue staff make crop harvests twice a year during the kharif and rabi seasons and submit a comprehensive crop emerald report to the government. This is called e-crop booking. Based on this report the government will provide crop insurance to the affected farmers.
Crops harvested during Rabi Kharif seasons are registered online and farmers are provided with necessary loans and crop compensation.
For this, the Government of Andhra Pradesh is launching e-crop booking through the portal e-Karshak.

Guidelines of e-crop booking

  • To book crops online through e-crop, you need to follow the steps below.
  • Aadhar number of an applicant is mandatory.
  • Farmers are required to register their crops only from their farm lands. All the details related to the crop are geo tagged.
  • Crop details should be entered only in the name of the pattadar.
  • All crop details are mandatory and must be registered online.
  • If a farmer has two or three crops on the same land, he / she should enter the individual crop details using the crop selection option. Also, farmers need to take and upload photos of the crop.
  • The concerned authorities need to register only 75 to 100 crops per day.
  • Applicant farmer biometric is mandatory, and applicants must provide their thumbprint as EKYC.
  • The data collected under this scheme will be useful to the government in providing compensation to farmers, government schemes, crop insurance and other incentives.

How to apply for e-crop booking

Let us look at the process of booking farmers' crops online as shown below.
  • Executives (VAA, HA, SAA, VRO) have to coordinate and record the crop details of the farmers in the mobile application.
  • Farmers have to register the crops season by season (Kharif / Rabi).
  • The farm officer should periodically review the recorded crop data.
  • After the officer assigns supervision to the JDA office, the District JDA Designated Officer shall notify the Commissioner’s Office.

View crop booking status by Survey number or Khatha number

Let us know how to view crop booking status by Survey number or Khatha number.
  • You need to visit the official website of the AP E Karshak.
  • It will shows you e-crop booking Homepage.
  • You need to click on Search tab in the menu bar.
  • Then, you will have to select Search by Khata and Survey number.
  • Select the Crop Year, District, Mandal, Village, Search by (Survey Number/Khata Number).
  • Enter the Survey Number or Khatha Number and then click on the Submit Button.
  • It displays applicant details like Mandal, Village, Farmer’s Name, Father’s Name, Owner / Owner Farmer, Account Number, Survey Number, Crop Name, Crop Variety, Total Size, Mobile, Age.
  • Farmers can be able to print crop details by clicking on the print button.
  • In addition, farmers can download the excel sheet by clicking on the excel button.

E-crop booking reports

State Wise Report On Land Data Preparation Details.

District Wise Status Report On Preparation Of Land Data and Downloaded to Tab.

State-Wise Crop Report-Rabi(In Acres).

District Wise Status Report On All Crops-Rabi.

District Wise Input Subsidy Report On All Crops-Kharif.

District wise and Irrigation wise abstract report.

District Wise Crop Insurance Report-Kharif.

Notified Crops For Crop Insurance-Kharif.


List Of Perinnial/Bienial Crops.


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