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E-shram card registration how to apply for e-shram card online

E-shram card registration how to apply for e-shram card online

Cetnral government credits money directly into the accounts of workers in the unorganized sector .. Do you know how it comes ..

The central government has taken the initiative for workers working in the unorganized sector. Central Government to deposit money directly into their accounts …

E Shram Card Registration

  • The central government has taken the initiative for workers working in the unorganized sector. The Central Government has introduced new schemes to provide relief to the workers and laborers who were in dire straits during the Corona crisis. As part of this, the e-labor portal was made available. Migrant workers, unorganized sector workers, Anganwadi, Asha workers, fishermen, employment guarantee laborers, dairy traders, small traders through which various programs are conducted.
  • With this the data of these workers is made with the government. Many schemes will be launched for them. The benefits of the schemes reach them directly. With this, financial assistance through DBT during any national crisis like Kovid-19 goes directly to the bank accounts of the workers. In such a situation who can register on this portal‌ .. Find out what are its benefits.

Where to apply

  • Do registration at the Common Service Centers or post offices on the e-labor portal. Applicants for this scheme are required to bring a copy of Aadhaar card, bank account number and cell phone number. PF, ESI payers, income tax payers, those earning more than Rs 15,000 per month and above 60 years are ineligible for the scheme.

Benefits of E-shram scheme

  • In fact in times of national crisis like Kovid-19 the government sends money directly to the public account. Now the government is bringing several schemes for the people registered in this portal. So that the registered persons will get the benefit of it. If you also work in the unorganized sector .. The government has brought this scheme for you. You can take advantage of it. Information shared on e-Shram Portal on behalf of EPFO. Financial aid goes directly to the account.
  • After getting these cards these people will get the benefit of the social security schemes. These cardholders will get the benefits of any schemes brought by the government for the unorganized sector. Also, learn how to enter your details on the card. If you do not take any training .. The government will also give you training. So that you can get a job easily. You will get help in employment.

Who will get the benefited of e-Shram?

  • Government These special programs are for the people in the unorganized sector only they will benefit from it. Individuals working in organized sectors such as not working in large companies or running their own small business. For example wage earners, people who drive e-rickshaws or street vendors, carts, palms, shops on footpaths, sweepers, taps, electrical workers benefit.

How to apply for E-shram card?

  • First go to the official website https://eshram.gov.in/. After that you need to click on Self Registration.
  • After this, you will need to log in via OTP with the number linked to the base.
  • After this, you need to enter the Aadhaar number. The process should continue through the OTP.
  • Your information appears on the screen. You have to accept it.
  • It consists of several forms that you have to fill out and give your information.
  • After this your card will be created. Also, people can get this card by visiting CSC.

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