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Free Bores By YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme


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Free Bores By YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme

Free Bores By YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme

NAVARATNALU is a concept coined by our Chief Minister Sri. YS. Jagann Mohan Reddy Garu to improve the delivery systems and improve the quality of the Governance in the State. It is designed to improve the living standards of the people. Of the 9 welfare schemes proposed by the State Government under Navaratnalu, “YSR Rythu Bharosa – Free Borewells” is aimed at utilizing the available groundwater resources for the improvement of livelihoods of the farmers and thereby improve the GSDP under primary sector


Government have decided to drill free bore-wells to small and marginal farmers in all thirteen (13) districts of the State by optimally utilizing ground water resources for the purpose of irrigating every acre of arable land. These bore-wells shall be drilled after conducting integrated Hydro-geological and Geophysical surveys in the field for identifying feasible sites before taking up the drilling activity.


a.Eligibility Criteria:

1. Any farmer having land up to an extent of 5 acres, without existing bore-well/tube-well/open-well.
2. The farmer should have contiguous land of minimum 2.5 acres.
3. If a farmer is not having at least 2.5 acres of contiguous land, then a group of farmers having a contiguous land of minimum 2.5 acres and up to a maximum of 5 acres together shall be considered eligible and the facility shall be shared between the group.
4. There are 1094 over exploited revenue villages notified as per G.O.MS.No.548 dated 27-02-2020 of PR&RD department. The list of over exploited revenue villages shall be notified by Government from time to time. The farmers land should not be in these notified over exploited villages.

b.Application process:

1. The eligible beneficiary shall submit filled in application at the village secratariat through online along with the copy of Pattadar passbook and Aadhar card.
2. The applications shall be scrutinized at village secretariat by VRO after field verification by Panchayat Secretary and list of eligible beneficiaries shall be sent to concerned authorities i.e., MPDO.
3. The consolidated list of applications of eligible beneficiaries from all gram panchayats shall be submitted to PD, DWMA by MPDO of the concerned mandal for further process.

c.Feasibility of Bore-well:

1. All the applications received by the PD, DWMA from different Mandals shall be sent to drilling contractor of concerned parliament constituency for conducting integrated hydro- geological and geophysical survey.
2. Based on the applications received from PD, DWMA, the drilling contractor shall engage Geologist/Geophysicist from Ground Water &Water Audit department/any qualified Geologist/ Geophysicist registered with Ground Water & Water Audit Department for locating the feasible sites in the lands of beneficiaries for drilling borewells successfully.
3. Selection of feasible sites by the contractor shall be done by adhering to Andhra Pradesh Water, Land and Trees Act,2002 (APWALTA) norms and Government orders from time to time.
4. The list of feasible sites identified along with respective integrated hydro-geological and geophysical survey reports shall be submitted to PD, DWMA by the drilling contractor.
5. Any technical advice regarding integrated hydrogeological and geophysical survey can be obtained from DD, GWD of concerned districts if necessary.

d.Sanction of Scheme:

1. PD, DWMA shall prepare the list of eligible beneficiaries based on the list of feasible sites identified by contractor for construction of bore-wells.
2. PD, DWMA shall communicate the list of eligible beneficiaries along with respective survey reports to concerned APD, DWMA to generate estimates for construction of bore-well.
3. After generation of estimates, APD, DWMA shall send the estimates to PD, DWMA for Administrative Sanction of the District Collector.
4. The list of eligible beneficiaries along with estimates generated by APD, DWMA shall be submitted to the District Collector by PD, DWMA for according Administrative Sanction respectively.
5. The District Collector shall accord Administrative Sanction of the scheme to the eligible beneficiaries.

e.Communication of approved sanction:

1. The PD, DWMA shall communicate the sanctioned list of beneficiaries to the village secretariats through MPDO under intimation to APD, DWMA.
2. Information regarding sanction of the bore-well shall be communicated to the respective beneficiaries through SMS.
3. The PD, DWMA shall communicate to the drilling contractor of respective parliament constituency to start drilling by sending a copy of the approved sanction.

f.Drilling of bore-wells:

1. After receiving the confirmation of beneficiaries and approved sanction from the PD, DWMA, the contractor shall construct bore-well / tube well at the recommended location duly informing the concerned APD, DWMA to depute staff for inspection and yield test.
2. A drilled bore-well with a minimum yield of 1000 GPH (4500 liters per hour) by 900 ‘V’ notch method shall be considered as successful bore-well.
3. Yield test shall be conducted at the time of drilling in the presence of concerned authorities. Minimum yield should be 1000 GPH by 900 ‘V’ notch method.
4. The digital photograph with geo-tag (date, time, latitude and longitude) shall be taken by the concerned authorities deputed along with beneficiary in the presence of contractor after completion of bore-well drilling and shall be submitted to APD, DWMA.
5. The depth of bore-well drilled and depth of casing shall be measured and recorded in the Measurement Book by deputed concerned authorities in the presence of the contractor and beneficiaries.
6. After drilling of the bore-well, the concerned officer deputed shall submit the bore-well completion report to the concerned APD, DWMA along with the photographs taken, relevant documents and signatures of beneficiaries and concerned authorities.
7. 10% of the drilled bore wells shall be super checked by the concerned APD. DWMA before making the payment.
8. Upon submission of invoices along with verified measurements, payments shall be made on pro-rata basis for every month as per the success criteria set forth. For example, if success rate for a Parliament constituency is 80% and the contractor drilled 100 bore-wells, out of which 70 are successful, contractor will get paid for 90 bore-wells only and not get paid for 10 failed bore- wells, as the success rate for Parliament constituency is 80%,
which means only 20% of total drilled bore-wells can fail and only that 20% will be considered for payment and any additional failed bore-well shall not be considered for payment.
9. The concerned APD. DWMA shall generate FTOs for drilled bore- wells as per the conditions of the contract signed with respective drilling contractors.
10. All the bore-wells (failed / successful) shall be geo-tagged by the concerned authorities deputed, in the presence of the contractor and beneficiary.
11. In case, the bore-well fails, the contractor shall refill the bore-well with soil and stone pieces before shifting the rig and this shall be monitored and ensured by the concerned APD, DWMA.

g.Post drilling:

1. After drilling of the bore-well, the details are to be documented in the form of bore-well completion reports, list and locations of successful and failed bore-wells and it shall be maintained by concerned APD, DWMA.
2. Construction of recharge pit / water harvesting structure is mandatory at successful bore-well site and this shall be monitored by PD, DWMA.
3. Social Audit shall be conducted for all the bore-wells drilled under this program.
4. The Commissioner, Panchayat Raj and Rural Development shall take necessary further action accordingly.

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