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How to check Upadi Hami Pathakam payment status 2022

How to chechk karuvu pani amount in telangana

How to check Upadi Hami Pathakam payment status 2022

The upadi hami scheme is one of the best schemes started by the UPA Government of the MGNREGS Act, 2005. The scheme was introduced specially for the beneficiaries of poor housewives.

The main intention of the scheme launching of Upadhi Hami Pathakam is to secure livelihood protection plans in rural areas by providing the guaranteed wage employment at least one hundred days in the every financial year to Household women beneficiaries. By this scheme, every month more than 14 crore poor people will credit the Karuvu money directly to their bank accounts.

How to chech karuvu pani amount checking telangana

How to check Upadi Hami Pathakam payment status 2022

  • After the homepage of NREGA displays, you need to scroll down the page and select looking for something as shown in above page.
  • There you will be allowed to select
    • epay order or
    • job card no,l or
    • search by name or
    • pay order or
    • work id.
  • Select any one of them, here i am selecting search by name.
  • After you select search by name, it will display another page.
  • There you need to select
    • District,
    • Mandal,
    • Village,
    • Habitation name
    • and finally enter your name in text field. Then, click on search.
  • It will display you the work statement with amount status.

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