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How to get marriage certificate in AP

How to get marriage certificate in AP

Introduction:- Every married couple should get marriage certificate from authorized authority to get some government benefits. As per Hindu Marriage Act The AP Govt., gives Marriage certificate to the newly married couple by producing required proofs with application and prescribed payment also to be paid by online.

IGRS( Information Gathering Registration System), enables to apply for Hindu Marriage Certificate online with valid proofs along with application form.

The following is the step by step method to apply online the Hindu Marriage Certificate.

Step1:-  Visit the IGRS website first. To view the IGRS home page Click Here. You will be taken to the home page as follows.

How to get marriage certificate in AP

Step2:- As shown in the above page, you have to select Online Hindu Marriage Registration under New Initiatives Tab right below in the above home page. Then, you will get the application page as shown below.

How to get marriage certificate in AP

Step3:- After the page above displayed, you need to enter the details of bride and bride groom. Then, upload the required documents like: Marriage photo, Wedding card, Aadhar cards of both and some other valid one.

How to get marriage certificate in AP

Finally click on Show Payment button. from there you will be redirected to Confirm Payment. In confirm payment you will have options to pay through Net banking, Paytm, Debit card, Credit card and UPI payment methods.



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