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How to pay electricity bill online in AP

How to pay electricity bill online in AP

You will pay the electricity bill now in APSPDCL official website, for this, follow the steps below given.

1. View the official website of APSPDCL https://www.apspdcl.in/index.jsp

How to pay electricity bill online in AP

2. Click on Pay Bill Online , to open click here , It will ask you the payment mode, there you can select the payment mode. After you selecting the payment mode, it will show you the following page.

How to pay electricity bill online in AP

3. Enter the electrical service number and again enter the CAPTHA as shown there and click on Submit button. Then, follow the procedure as stipulated there.

Services offered by APSPDCL website:-

1. To get a new LT connection for household domestic and some other category, https://apspdcl.in/CSC_Complaints/ltpages/LTNewConn_Home.jsp

2. To know the status of new connection or service status, https://apspdcl.in/CSC/reports/searchRegno.jsp

3. To get HT connection for commercial use or other heavy category, https://apspdcl.in/CSC_Complaints/htpages/HTNewConn_Home.jsp

4. To get any services like Additional load, Meter burnt, Shifting the line, Name change etc., https://www.apspdcl.in/CSC_Complaints/

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