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How to search EC online in AP

How to search ec online in ap

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has implemented and launched the IGRS Encumbrance Certificate for Property Owners. This certification document contains all the details of property holdings at one place.
Learn about the application process, eligibility criteria, benefits and other relevant information of EC(Encumbrance certificate) by this article.

What is Encumbrance certificate and importance

The significance of the Encumbrance Certificate is as follows:
  • Property loan must be provided by financial institutions and banks to ensure that the land is not already mortgaged.
  • This document of proof of title is required to transfer property.
  • Property related transactions are specified in the EC. Transaction details are listed over time.
  • If the land is purchased through a loan, the EC will have details about the mortgage

Details of EC

Name of the serviceEncumbrance certificate
Issuing authorityIGRS(Inspector general of revenue stamps)
DepartmentRegistration and Stamps Department
Objective of the serviceTo ensure that the land is free from any legal constraint

How to get EC step by step procedure

Here we discuss the various steps you can take to search for an AP Encumbrance Certificate online. All applicants who have applied for their Encumbrance Certificate can search online by following the steps given:
  1. To do this, visit the official website of the Registration & Stamp Department, which is as follows: http://registration.ap.gov.in.
  2. The page looks like this.
How to search ec online in ap
  1. Here, click on the Encumbrance Search [EC] button submitted under the Services section. A new webpage appears on your screen.
  2. After reading the guidelines in the next page click on submit button.
  3. Now, Search for Encumbrance page appears on your mobike screen. Here, choose your criteria.
  4. You will see three options there as follows:
    • None
    • Registration Field Year
    • Document Number Or memo number
  5. After that, enter the code. Click on the Submit button.
  6. After this, the AP IGRS Encumbrance Certificate will be shown to you on your screen.
In this way, every AP citizen can be able to view and download their EC(Encumbrance Certificate) in online by IGRS official website.

EC available from when in online

  • The applicant can search for the encumbrance online through the Andhra Pradesh Registration Department Online Portal. Note: The online EEC transaction post is only available for 01-01-1983. Therefore if anyone needs an EC before 01-01-1983, they should contact the SRO office concern. You can search for eEC by document number or memo number.

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