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Municipality water tax online payment

Municipality water tax online payment

A citizen is allowed to pay water tax online through AP CDMA web portal. Let us see that how to pay online.1. Open the official website of AP CDMA property payment online link. for this click here, https://cdma.ap.gov.in/en/wcpaymentsMunicipality water tax online payment 2. You will be seen the below web page. There you can select District, Municipality name and Category that which you are intending to pay like water tax or property tax, and then click in Submit button. after you click on Submit button, immediately, you will be taken to another web page as below.Municipality water tax online payment 3. Here, you can search your details by mentioning the following criteria like Assessment number or H.Sc No or by Name of the owner etc., there after, you click on search option. it will display the details as per the given criteria by you.Municipality water tax online payment4. Select Assessment number and in Actions column ->> Select Collect charge option it will display the details as shown here and Click on Pay Tax to pay online.

Municipality water tax online payment



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