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Municipality grievance registration

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Municipality grievance registration

A citizen can allow to raise a grievance on any services in municipality area through AP Municipal web portal.

We here discuss that how to raise a grievance on a particular service. for this, you have to follow the steps below.

1. To raise a grievance open the official website of AP Municipality(AP CDMA), https://cdma.ap.gov.in/en/complaintregistration

2. It will be taken you to the following web page.

Municipality grievance registration

3. As you seen in above image, you have to select District, Municipality and Category of the grievance and click on Submit Button. then you will be redirected to another web page as below.

Municipality grievance registration

Municipality grievance registration


4. After you getting the next page, you have to enter the Contact information, Grievance information and in More details tab, you have to enter the grievance description and upload the image or video if you have any, then enter the CAPTHA and finally click on Register grievance button.



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