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How to apply E-Pattadar passbook in meeseva

Mutation of pattadar passbook

How to apply E-Pattadar passbook in meeseva

Mutation is the process of transferring title ownership of a property from one person to another. The khata is transferred when the property is transferred from one owner to the new owner.

By changing the property, the name of the owner in the records of the Revenue Department can be changed. It is important to update the current employer details in the revenue records, as misinformation in the revenue records can lead to problems at a later stage. When selling a property, a copy of the latest mutation certificate must be submitted to the buyer. In this article, we will examine in detail the process related to Andhra Pradesh degree transfer.

Ways to get immoveable property

An individual can acquire immovable property in any of the following ways.

  • With inheritance of ancestral property.
  • You can get property by purchasing.
  • By gifts, will, power of attorney, trust, settlement.
  • D-patta by govt.
  • Partition deed.

Why mutation is important

Property mutation is an important process in all legal transactions involving immovable property. As mentioned above, deed or deed transfer is the process of updating the details of a new owner of a property in the revenue records.

These revenue records are maintained by MRO, RDO, Municipalities as well as by Registration department. Tahsildar is the authorised person for doing mutations in Andhra Pradesh. After the completion mutation, the applicant will be issued with pattadar passbook.

  • Mutation certificate or pattadar passbook is mandatory to pay property tax.
  • Pattadar passbook and mutation certificate having the title of the property.
  • If you want sell any property, you must have mutation certificate or pattadar passbook as required by the buyer for property title verification.
  • If the property is joint, the AP Mutation Certificate will be in the names of all co-owners

Inheritance property mutation procedure

You need to register the property by Registration department to get property. in case of death, the wife or children has to get Family member certificate duly issued by the Tahsildar.

  • If the land is agricultural land, mutation authority is Tahsildar.
  • If the property is a house or vacant land in a city, the mutation authority is Municipal commissioner or Panchayat officer.
  • Note:- Death certificate or Legal heir certificate or Succession certificate is required in the case of Will deed.

What are the required documents for mutation

  • Mutation application(form-6 and form-8).
  • Identity proof of an applicant(Aadhar card).
  • Address proof(Ration card).
  • Registered document copies like sale deed, will deed, EC, etc.,
  • Old pattadar passbook.
  • Passport size photo.
  • Signature of the applicant.

How to apply mutation in Meeseva

  • You need to visit the nearest Meeseva center.
  • The applicant has to take mutation application and fill the complete details and attach the required documents to the application.
  • After completing the all necessary application details, you have to submit the application form to the Meeseva operator.
  • Meeseva operator can do the mutation through online by enter all fields and uploading all documents.
  • When adding survey numbers and extent details applicant should give biometric consent.
  • The meeseva operator will forward your application to concerned authority by online.
  • Tahsildar can receive the application and after verification completion the file will be approved.
  • You will get Pattadar passbook and ROR-IB within 30 days of approve the mutation request.

Check the mutation application status

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