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Navasakam grievance search

Navasakam grievance search by Aadhar or Grievance number

There are certain eligibility criteria to apply for any scheme in Andhra Pradesh.

Those are:-

  • The family should not exceed 10 acres of dry land or wet land 3 acres or 10 acres combined.
  • The 4 wheeler should not be registered in the name of anyone in the family.
  • No one in the family should be a govt., employee.
  • The family should have 1000sqrfts land in rural ares and 1200sqrfts in municipality area.
  • No family member should be income tax payee.
  • Electricity consumption should not exceed 300 units in the average of 6 months.

However, sometimes in the government database the data of a citizen was wrongly mentioned anyone of the above eligibility criteria.

Thus, they won’t be eligible to any scheme in AP.

In such cases, a citizen loss benefits of a particular scheme.

To overcome this problem and to be eligible a citizen to any scheme AP government provides a service called Grievance rausing to particular ineligibility.

Now, we can learn and view how to know the status of a Navasakam greivance raised by a citizen.

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